Sunday, May 31, 2009

Purpose driven blogging

Warning: I don't edit blogs. You get what I think as I think it. Proceed at your own risk.

I've spent hours lately thinking about blogging.

It has become a necessary evil (imo) for up and coming writers who, all too often, are already juggling a dozen or more time consuming things while still indulging (yes, for the unpubbed it can be considered an indulgence--especially by friends and family who resent this use of time) their desire/need to write. Time better spent on their wip is squandered thinking up, writing, and posting to blogs as we (yes, me too) struggle for a following, name recognition, a web presence, etc.

My blogs have become a place to let my mind ramble--ad nauseum--when the whim suits me. Talk about time wasted. Thus the endless ruminations about blogging.

As I have wasted, and all too often enjoyed, time examining other blogs, I realized most were either themed or purpose driven. I like purpose; having a reason to be justifies time spent. Themes are nice, but there is no validation in being entertained during time set aside for work.

Therefore, Future Musings will become a purpose driven blog given over to topics that will, I hope, set synapses sizzling with ideas for good Futuristic, Fantasy, Paranormal and/or Science Fiction stories.

With words like pandemic screaming from headlines, leaps in technology leaving the most saavy panting to keep up, and medicants more concerned with maintaining than healing (healing doesn't fill coffers, after all), bureaucratic idiocy with potentially devastating consequences for our child and our children's children into infinity (unless they commit the ultimate idiocy), activists with causes from global warming to saving the mayfly, genetic research----well, the list is endless and all fodder for excellent sci-fi and fantasy and, thus, this blog.

My own Sci-Fi stories tend to concentrate of the consequences of biogenetic engineering. Not by choice, I might add; it just happened, and the more I learned, the more I wanted to know. Others have themes that resurface in their work as well. In truth, most writers find a core theme or themes within their body of work--appendages do count without incorporating the whole--whether intentional or not. Some themes are universal, some are personal, all touch upon humanity's need to survive whether at a very basic level or upon a more esoteric plane.

It is to be hoped that Future Musings will become a technologically powered Muse; a starting point for some, a jump start for those who have stalled, and/or a place to come for new fuel to feed a working engine--combustion, jet, nuclear, anti-matter, you will find it here. That's the goal.