Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Golden Heart Happy--again.

Life has been a bit hectic recently, thus my writing has been pushed into the wee hours of the morning. Since I tend to lose track of time when trying to reach a compromise with a couple of very headstrong characters, I finally hit the rack around 6:50 this morning. Thus when the phone rang a little after 8 my first thought was to let the machine get it. My second, "Oh no, today is the day!" changed that tune.

The Golden Heart and RITA finalists were notified today. I am embarrassed to admit, after telling folks the second time couldn't be as exciting as the first, I screamed like a banshee on drugs.

On this blog, I can add that the screaming psycho is my emotionally over-charged historical alter-ego, not the cool, calm, collected science fiction writing me. Of course, if you believe that bit of blarney, I do happen to have a really great bridge for sale . . .

I have been awake since. My eyes feel like (this analogy is gross, but you can thank my mother for it) piss-holes in the snow, my throat is raw, and my mind is a terribly wasted thing, but sleep isn't an option; whirling thoughts tend to preclude viable rest.

Yeah, the truth is that being a finalist in so prestigious a contest is a vindication for the time spent parked at the computer while your butt spreads into a galaxy far, far away and the dust bunnies mutate into snarling, territorial wookies who eat the shoes you slide under the bed. It also repaints dreams when rejections or obstacles have sucked the color from them, and who wants to live in a drab, colorless world?

Another writer used her blog to post the finalist's names as they became available. What fun to see so many familiar names--people from loops, blogs, etc., some of whom I've come to know over the past year or so. Thus, the excitement lingered, an elongated pleasure, something writers experience all too rarely.

You see, when we share our GH or RITA status with laymen (i.e. non-writers) we have to explain. As I said in my other blog--although the analogy still only works for a wannabe--it's like one of the Manning brothers proclaiming, "I won the Super Bowl!" only to have someone ask, "What's a Super Bowl?" The Golden Heart and RITA awards are well-known--within the romance writer's community. Beyond it? Few people have a clue. But within the community, the screeches and squeals are loud, long, and lovely. With the insular nature of writing, sharing with people who understand is an amazingly liberating and fulfilling experience.

Thus, I offer congratulations to both the GH and RITA finalists. Remember, when you aim at nothing, you will surely hit it, but you took a chance and aimed for the stars. Enjoy the ride.

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